Resident Evil Zero HD Leech Hunter Playthrough 1080p 60 FPS

Resident Evil Zero releases today on consoles and PC platforms and comes with some neat extras once the main story has been bested. In typical Resident Evil fashion there’s a bonus mode on offer which has Rebecca and Billy team up again to gather leech emblems from the mansion training facility area. The idea is to gather 50 for each character except you can only hold 10 in each slot and once collected cannot be dropped. This gives rise to making sure you’re managing the inventory space so you balance healing items with offensive weapons. Given that Rebecca is rather weak in contrast to Billy one tactic is to load up Billy with as much ammo and healing items and let him clear the entire zone before any leeches are collected. This does make things easier and it’s only when the last few leeches remain that some zombies respawn in. Take a look at our Resident Evil Zero HD Leech Hunter playthrough video which shows the mode in action from start to conclusion. One caveat is it pays to remember which rooms you’ve already visited because failure to recall might lead to missing the last few leeches (as seen in the video).

Written by: Rob Cram

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