Resident Evil HD Puzzle Solutions Video

We’ve already bested the game in under three hours with Jill to unlock the infinite Rocket Launcher and Samurai Edge handgun, but rather than leave new players high and dry to wade through the videos. We’ve lifted the solutions to game’s puzzling moments in our Resident Evil HD puzzle solutions video which offers assistance for those of you scratching your heads.


Arrow puzzle –

Sword Key –

Dog Whistle Puzzle –

Armour Key Puzzle –

Plant Fertilizer Puzzle –

Musical Score/Emblem Puzzle –

Snake & Mask

Knight Armour Puzzle

Stained Glass Picture Puzzle –

Death Mask Puzzle –

Weather Vane Puzzle –

Plant 42 Crate –

Aqua Crates Puzzle –

Water Drainage –

Shark Puzzle –

Wasps Puzzle –

Red Book Puzzle –

Red Gem Puzzle –

Mansion Statue Push Puzzle –

Statue Rotation Puzzle –

Elevator Shaft Puzzle –

Flamegthrower Puzzle –

Stone Ring Puzzle –

Lisa Boss Fight –

Red/Blue Books –

Lab CPU Login –

Lab Electronic Door Code –

Lab Elevator Power Puzzle –

Written by: Rob Cram

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