After Reset update as project reaches second stretch goal

Black Cloud Studios has released some more information about their forthcoming post apocalyptic role playing adventure, After Reset as the kickstarter campaign closes in on its second stretch goal after already reaching its initial target.  With just a few dollars to add to the growing amount of funding, the team has been able to add a fully 3D cinematic introduction to the existing core game which will improve its visual presence on Steam. In addition, the studio released some hi resolution images from the opening bunker section of the game which can be viewed here as well as an introduction to the Assistant Drones players will interact with.

after reset bunker


after reset drones


after reset drones art


To add some captivating atmosphere to the game world at night time in the great desert location, a new track by Mariusz Jasionowicz  (Rock, Stone & Sandyard)  has been made available which can be listened to here.  Lastly, the team has confirmed their partnership with artist Adam Burn as they work on the Fall of Gyes graphic novel. Take a look at some of Adam’s latest work here.


after reset adam





Written by: Rob Cram

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