After Reset development update

Black Cloud Studios has recently posted some more pertinent details of progress being made on their forthcoming role playing game After Reset which recently was fully backed via its successful Kickstarter campaign. The game is still a way off in terms of completion but at least this week, there’s progress made with the user interface , character customization, 3D Modelling, alongside the first three pages of the accompanying graphic novel ‘The Fall of Gyes’ being completed. The team has also been scouring the Californian terrain for inspiration and detail to get the in-game landscape as authentic as possible. For more information about the recent updates take a look at the official post. For details about the After Reset game then head on over to the official website. For your information, the image of the robotic hand is in fact your player user interface system much like Fallout’s Pipboy. The Theseus 3.0 is a virtual firmware interface developed by Miaptec Corporation (one of the largest software corporations of the United Governments) for CORE implants.


after reset theseus3cursordesign1

after reset customization

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