Remember Me CGI opening movie – is CGI still relevant?

Capcom’s Remember Me releases next month and we’ve been playing a preview build of the game leaving us suitably impressed with lead character Nillin and her antics in Neo Paris. The opening prologue section of the game is pretty dark and moody compared to the rest of the game, but sets the stage for the character who has lost her mind. Interestingly, French developers DONTNOD, has decided to use CGI in its game despite the game’s distinct look using the game engine being of an exceptionally high standard. It raises the question whether there’s still a place for expensive CGI scenes in games, and as we approach next generation consoles, should they be ditched entirely. Check out the Episode 1 CGI intro sequence and ponder whether the CGI approach was actually necessary in this instance.

Remember Me - Episode1 cgi opening movie

Remember Me is scheduled for release on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC in North America on June 4 and across Europe on June 7.


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