Rainbow Six Siege Ramps Up the Difficulty With a Targeted 1% Mission Success Rate

An official post on the Ubisoft Forums for the tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege mentions the current success rate for mission completion when playing on the hardest (Realistic) difficulty setting. According to the official stats there’s an incredible 0.1% success rate when playing the Disarm Bomb mode. This has actually raised a red flag and means with the latest December 16th update they have reduced the number of enemy waves and “White Mask” enemy types. Ubisoft mention that they are actually aiming for a 1% success rate for this mode which is in line with the other Terrorist Hunt modes. Yes, just 1% making it pretty tough for 99% of the attempts and most likely only the most coordinated of teams will rest in the top 1%. In our experience, realistic mode is very tough to the point of being out of reach for most players especially when playing Lone Wolf – hopefully in the future there’s a tweak to the difficulty here. Of course no one wants it too easy but the numbers speak for themselves. 1% is extremely low.


Difficulty reduction for Terrorist Hunt Disarm Bomb:

PVE – Reduced the maximum number of White Masks and reduced the wave sizes.
Looking at the data of Terrorist Hunt Disarm Bomb success rates, we saw that they were much lower than desired (for example, in Realistic difficulty, we didn’t even have 0.1% of success rate as I am writing this post – by the way, if you are the 0.1%, congratulations! The success rate we are aiming for in Realistic is about 1%, which is what we currently approximately have for the other Terrorist Hunt modes.)

Written by: Rob Cram

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