PS4 versus PC – Killzone Shadow Fall vs Crysis 3 graphics

Now that more has been showcased of the PS4 exclusive Killzone Shadowfall, we put the new footage alongside the PC version of Crysis 3 (a multi-format game) to see how the two compare considering the PS4 hardware is very much in line with medium to top spec PCs.  To be fair on both sides, it has to be said that the PS4 will massively improve over time, what with developers knowing the hardware and getting the most from it, which seems to take a few years. PCs on the other hand are constantly evolving, but can only give as much as what the developers provide. So  in this case, we have a first generation PS4 game next to a multi-format PC game.

We’re not going to suggest which looks better as this is very much subjective, but as can be clearly seen, there are a number of similarities in the details when looking at texture details, lighting and objects such as trees and grass.

killzone shadow fall 2

crysis 3

Written by: Robert Cram

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