PS4 and Xbox One graphics? – Remember Me

We’ve already proclaimed in another article how we think Capcom’s futuristic action adventure game Remember Me is one of the best looking games we’ve seen this year, and so we’re putting it on the line and suggesting that the level of excellence seen in the highest settings on the PC version is going to be close to what gamers can expect from the PS4 and Xbox 360. Based on what’s been said about both sets of console hardware, a current medium to top end PC is likely to be a good match in comparison.

We’re not going to rouse the flames of the ins and outs surrounding the issues of PC versus console graphics and what advances are made in the components market for PC, versus the optimization possibilities and architecture for consoles; but we will stand by what we’ve seen today and believe this is very possible for the future. Take a look at our slideshow gallery showing off the futuristic setting of Neo Paris. There’s a bit of artistic freedoms leveled at the images by design, but in terms of clarity and detail, this is what gamers should expect from first generation releases on Xbox One and PS4.

Watch the video in HD or check out the better quality hi res screenshots. Click for full size 1080p images.


























For comparison, some shots from forthcoming PS4 game Infamous: Second Son.




Written by: Rob Cram

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