Project Spark Xbox One quick crossroads created mission video

The Project Spark Beta arrived on Xbox One recently and we sampled the game’s delights and found some fairly complex tools to create something magical. In our humble opinion, it takes a certain individual to invest the many hours needed to make something workable which in all honesty is only going to appeal to a select few of would be programmers. Project Spark does offer a comprehensive and fairly easy to use system to create worlds, but is likely to be too much for the majority of people who just want to game. luckily, Project Spark divides players into two groups, creators, and those who would just rather play other peoples creations. That said, there is an easy option available for those who would rather invest 20 minutes rather than days and weeks in creating a game with the Crossroads option which as seen in the video is a far simpler way of making unique missions for others to mess around with.

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