Prey: Mooncrash – New Blood Moon Update

Bethesda has released a new trailer for Prey Mooncrash with the 3rd free Blood Moon update. If you already own Prey and want access to all Mooncrash content, you can grab Prey: Mooncrash on its own. If you haven’t hopped into Prey yet, Prey: Digital Deluxe contains the base game and everything Mooncrash has to offer, including the Typhon Hunter multiplayer mode coming later this summer.

The Blood Moon update is free for all Prey: Mooncrash or Prey: Digital Deluxe owners and includes:

– Fallout Theme Operator
– Quake Champions Theme Operator
– Witch Hat Mimic
– Medieval Mimic
– TranStar Silenced Pistol
– TranStar Q-Beam
– TranStar Shotgun
– TranStar Wrench

Written by: News Bot

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