Preta: Vendetta Rising Gameplay – PC VR/PSVR – ARPG

Korean developer Illion Corp has today released its action role playing game Preta: Vendetta Rising via Steam Early Access which offers some neat hack and slash gaming. There’s some customization options available with the three characters to play with and the chance to save load-outs to suit individual play. This game looks good in VR although could do with some refinement in some areas. Be warned though, aside from the initial purchase price there are option micro-transactions for quite a lot of the more desirable content. That said, if you purchase now you’re given around $90 worth of freebies even if this doesn’t last long once you start spending. Still, this is a fun comfortable game to play in VR and can also be played in 2D as well. Preta: Vendetta Rising is available now for £22.94 and will be making its way to the PSVR in the coming months. Take a look at the Preta: Vendetta Rising gameplay video showing off some more advance play from the opening chapter.

Written by: Robert Cram

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