Phantom Doctrine – Cinematic Release Date Trailer

Creative Forge’s Phantom Doctrine will launch on Steam, GOG, PS4, and Xbox One on August 14th. Check out the cinematic trailer.


1980s Cold War meets Global Conspiracy in this mix of turn-based tactics, strategic operations and counterintelligence investigation. Lead a rogue cell codenamed Cabal on a quest to rid the world of ruthless manipulators profiting from the tensions between the USSR and NATO.

-Highly replayable campaign mode with 30+ hours of gameplay
-Serious and atmospheric storyline worthy of a Cold War thriller
-Manage a spy network, investigate, outfit your operatives and lead them on missions
-60 unique maps with multiple objective, enemy and security layers for exciting replaybility
-Both stealth and guns-blazing tactical combat fully supported
-Foil conspiracy plots, follow leads and uncover identities on the Investigation Board
..and much more

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