Phantasmal: City of Darkness Trailer & Screens

New Zealand based developers Eyemobi have today released a new trailer and screenshots to accompany the arrival of Phatasmal via Steam Early Access with a full release planned for the end of 2015 on Consoles and Mac. The game offers a procedurally generated environment a lots of scares as players use stealth tactics to survive the horrors. You can buy the game now for just $14.99 and what’s more there are plans to bring the game to the Oculus Rift VR display.

About Phantasmal:

The player must navigate through the Kowloon Walled city, which is procedurally generated for each level. The player will have options to fight the creatures or evade some of them. Some of the creatures are so horrific that they will affect the player’s sanity causing hallucinations and other negative effects. Conservation of resources (i.e. health, ammo, sanity) will be necessary to progress, as fighting will drain them quickly even for small-seeming engagements. This is a classic aspect of survival horror games such as Resident Evil or Silent Hill, where fighting is a last resort tactic.

Phantasmal Key Features:

Infinite Replayability: Every room and corridor in Phantasmal is uniquely generated with infinite possibilities. No level will EVER be constructed the same!
Don’t Go Insane: Battling the creatures of Phantasmal will slowly erode the player character’s sanity, diminishing mental and physical states and forcing the player to deal with a fate worse than death.
Tread Softly: Fighting is meant to be reserved as a last resort in Phantasmal. Sneak past enemies as much as possible, as each action taken will have consequences!
Carry a Big Stick: When all else fails, players must defend themselves with anything they can find or rip from the walls. There are some firearms to be found, but making too much noise will be a fatal mistake.
Light, Both an Ally and Enemy: Every asset to survivability has a price. Use light sources wisely, as even a torch can be a liability.

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