Payday 2 Update 13 – Massive 1.3 Gb

Overkill have continually been updating their first person heist shooter Payday 2, and today sees the latest with a massive 1.3 Gb install for the Payday 2 update 13 which overhauls a number of key systems in the game including how the stealth works. Take a look at the changelog for full details, and if you have the game on  Steam it will update automatically when you next log in.

payday 2release_screenshot_7

 Update #13 Р20131003

Update size: 1,3 gb

The three biggest changes
  • A complete overhaul of the weapon system, introducing numeric values instead of bars
  • Major changes to the stealth system, balancing how much weapons, skills and armors affect your concealment
  • Rewritten skill descriptions, introducing numeric values in the spirit of Mekonlips’


  • XP buff for HARD, VERY HARD, OVERKILL to account for increased difficulty, making it more rewarding
  • Pro Job XP payout increased on OVERKILL difficulty, making it more rewarding
  • Failure XP payout reduced slighlty
  • Special enemies will now be marked when seeing them through security cameras
  • You can now mark special enemies when in bleedout
  • Fixed a bug where skills that reduces purchase cost did not reduce cost of buying Premium Contracts
  • Changed suppression to threat
  • Changed visibility to concealment
  • Changed recoil to stability


  • All masks are now shown in your mask stash – now you know how many masks there currently are and which ones you have
  • Fixed a mask exploit where the player could abuse the mask system to gain money


  • Major changes to the stealth system, balancing how much weapons, skills and armors affect your concealment
  • Fixed a bug for suspicion meter not decaying when same enemy has more than one suspicion object in sight
  • Decreased most SMG weapons and Assault Rifles concealability
  • Increased Pistol concealability except for the Deagle Pistol and Bronco .44 Revolver
  • It will no longer be possible to sneak right in front of enemies
  • Added a Detection Risk ring in the inventory instead of the Concealment bar
  • Fixed various issues with Suspicion and Detection related skills
  • Adjusted armor concealment values to make the first four armors more forgiving and the last three more punishing
  • Adjusted the weapon concealment values to be less punishing
  • Security cameras have been improved and will now detect you faster – GENSEC have been hard at work
  • Tweaked the detection values based on QA and community feedback


Law enforcement
  • Increased Sniper difficulty on OVERKILL so that they now deal massive damage
  • Tasers can now team up together with Shields
  • Law enforcers can now carry the Bronco .44 Revolver – go on, make their day
  • Fixed a crash regarding Sniper on the OVERKILL difficulty
  • Bulldozers can now throw smoke grenades – Oh my god
  • Bulldozers can now use the IZHMA 12G Shotgun – Sweet baby Jesus
  • Added new VO when law enforcers are suppressed
  • Fixed a crash related to flashbangs
  • Fixed a crash when a player tries to convert a dead law enforcer
  • Added hearing loss sound for flashbang
  • Added new VO for police officers and S.W.A.T.’s
  • Decreased damage output of law enforcers carrying the CAR-4 Rifle
  • Decreased damage output of law enforcers carrying the AMR-16 Rifle
  • Reduced the distance that the Taser can tase you
  • Added SFX to the Taser when his taser malfunctions and increased the damage the taser takes


  • Three icons have been added for the drill monitor so players can now see which skills have been activated
  • Weapon modification icons have now been added to the inventory and the loadout menus
  • Increased volume of player armor regeneration sound


  • Gangsters have been balanced so that they are less deadly, yo


  • Armors have received a dodge value – the lighter you are, the higher chance you have of dodging bullets
  • Further balanced movement rates for all armors
  • Armor penalty now affects steelsight speed, crouching speed and in-air movement speed


  • Rewritten skill descriptions, introducing numeric values in the spirit of Mekonlips’
  • Complete overhaul of skill descriptions to more accurately describe what the skills do
  • ECM Feedback radius has been extended to 25m
  • Improved the Fast Learner skill by increasing its effect
  • Balanced the Bulletproof skill by decreasing its effect
  • Improved the Cat Burglar skill by increasing its effect
  • Improved the Lockpicking Expert ACE skill by increasing its effect
  • Improved the Gunslinger skill by increasing its damage and reload time
  • Improved the Cable Guy skill by increasing the interaction speed
  • Balanced the Inspire ACE skill so that it works 75% of the time
  • Improved the Sentry Combat Upgrade skill by increasing the armor %
  • Balanced the Chameleon skill, decreasing its effect
  • Balanced Tier 4 of the Ghost tree
  • Balanced Tier 6 of the Enforcer tree


  • Add ability to upgrade drills with your skill upgrades – you can now upgrade other players drills
  • Fixed bugs with the drill and hacking device, sound getting stuck and unavailable upgrades for clients


  • A complete overhaul of the weapon system, introducing numeric values instead of bars
  • Selecting equipped mod will display the base, mod and skill stats
  • CMP Submachinegun – Increased the damage, spread and recoil
  • AMR-16 Rifle – Decreased the damage and recoil
  • AK.762 Rifle – Decreased the damage
  • Krinkov Submachinegun – Decreased the rate of fire
  • AK5 Rifle – Lowered the recoil
  • Kobus 90 Submachinegun – Lowered the recoil
  • Deagle Pistol – Lowered the recoil, increased the damage
  • Mark 10 Submachinegun – Increased the damage and spread
  • Locomotive 12G Shotgun – Increased the full and fall-off damage
  • Crosskill Pistol – Decreased the damage, lowered the recoil
  • Mosconi 12G Shotgun – Modifications for the Mosconi 12G Shotgun now have higher concealment
  • The Ergo Grip modification of the Crosskill Pistol now has a stability statistic


Nightclub heist
  • Fixed a bug with a shelf with no collision in the kitchen


Watchdogs heist
  • Watchdogs Day 2 – Fixed a bug with the trucks collision


Four Stores heist
  • Fixed a bug where a camera wasn’t spotting players properly


Diamond Store heist
  • Fixed the AI navigation graph so they move properly


Big Oil heist
  • Fixed a bug so that the players can’t shoot through the round windows to the left and right of a door
  • Modified cost for Big Oil Pro


Jewelry Store heist
  • Fixed a bug where throwing jewelry bags on top of street lights will cause progression to be stopped
  • Fixed a bug where the player and bag collision wouldn’t work properly with the dump truck (this is also fixed on the Ukranian job)


Rats heist
  • Rats Day 2 – Fixed an issue where one of the money bag isn’t secured when it spawn in the van
  • Modified cost for Rats Pro


Framing Frame heist
  • Framing Frame Day 2 – Fixed a bug so that players now are able to pass through the train door before it closes
  • Framing Frame Day 2 – Fixed an issue with the phone when multiple players would answer it at the same time
  • Framing Frame Day 3 – Fixed a bug where bags weren’t reachable

Written by: Rob Cram

Rob Cram has hundreds of video game reviews, thousands of articles under his belt with years of experience in gaming and tech. He aims to remain fair and free from publisher/developer influence. With his extensive knowledge, feels his gaming opinions are valid and worth sharing. Agreement with his views are entirely optional. He might have a bias towards cyberpunk.