Payday 2 the right and wrong way to play no alarms video

Payday 2 released last week to an acceptable amount of praise leveled at its multiplayer offering, except, the single player seems to come across as an added extra just to please a few fans who requested it. However, no love has been spared in making the solo offering as enticing as the co-op action, as it appears playing offline or solo offers challenges of its own due to incompatible game design, which seems more focused on four human players working things out.

For those with plenty of time on their hands though to gain some necessary skills will find enjoyment in hopping into a fraction of the available missions to play solo or with the AI team members hanging around. It’s perhaps not the right way to play Payday 2, but does offer some sneaky moments for those who persevere. Take a look at the video which shows offline play, no alarms tripped where the human player does all the work and the AI admires the scenery – and everyone gets paid!

Written by: Rob Cram

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