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Alpha Protocol review

With creative developers Obsidian at the helm of the game that has been billed as a spy role playing game (a first if there ever was one). Alpha Protocol aims to do something familiar but different. Taking aspects from third person action games and then adding in RPG elements, offers

Alan Wake review

Remedy first showed Alan Wake at Microsoft’s X06 which seems such a long time ago now, originally planned as one of the early exclusives for the Xbox 360 when it launched, the game went through some changes before becoming the reality that it is today. Touted as being a free

Lost Planet 2 review

The original Lost Planet was met with mixed reaction but cemented itself as a decent new IP around the launch of the Xbox 360. The game comprised of shooting up snow pirates and alien lifeforms known as Akrids and was difficult in places and perhaps for some, a little too

Nier review

Cavia’s Nier under the wings of Square Enix is a rather different game to what you might have seen before, although it is caped in familiarity once you dig beneath the surface. Part action game, part adventure, with a splattering of RPG thrown in for good measure probably goes some

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition review

Not long after Capcom released a changed StreetFighter IV with the addition of Super StreetFighter IV, along comes another update in the form of a DLC package entitled “Arcade Edition”. The DLC will be available from the 7th June costing 1200 points. A retail version is planned for later on

Dead to Rights Retribution review

Cue the murky, dark and moody Grant City, a place overrun by gangs, corruption and the criminal underbelly. Cue one good vice cop, Jack Slate and his sidekick canine friend ‘Shadow’ the cross breed dog/wolf/husky… killer. Things don’t start out too good as it seems terrorists have taken over a

Dante’s Inferno review

We’ve had two hack and slash games already this year and it’s only the beginning of February and another has arrived. Surely it’s getting crowded in here, or perhaps gamers can’t seem to get enough of slicing up enemies into neat little chunks amidst the splattering of the good ol’