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Conflict Denied Ops review

The Conflict series started out years ago, and enjoyed relative success with its war themed campaigns in various hot spots around the globe. The games were third person affairs and offered up to four team mates to control to accomplish tasks. Conflict Denied Ops is the latest game in the

The Spiderwick Chronicles review

The Spiderwick Chronicles is based on the movie of the same name and is squarely aimed at the younger Harry Potter type audience. In game, you take control of the Grace children as the stay in their uncle’s old house to discover all manner of dark secrets, namely a hidden

Devil May Cry 4 review

I remember the enjoyment I had when I first played Devil May Cry on the Playstation. It was a distinct departure from Capcom’s other adventure games at the time (Resident Evil series). Dante, the leading character seemed cool, calm and collected throughout the engaging action adventure and was instantly likable.

Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom review

For the record, Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom (KUF:COD) is a spin off game that does not relate to the strategic Kingdom Under Fire games that we all know and love from Xbox. The developers have stated this, and therefore there should be no confusion as to why KUF:COD

Rock Band review

Rock Band released in November 2007 for North Americans and so they’ve had months to enjoy the delights of Harmonix’s work. Us Europeans however, have had to wait until now, some six months later to get our hands on what is arguably the ultimate party game. As some sort of

Mass Effect review

I remember when Mass Effect was first shown, well the first time I had seen it at least. This was during X05 when Microsoft announced some exclusive titles. The teaser trailer didn’t give too much away, although being developed by Bioware who were responsible for the highly praised Star Wars

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men review

IO Interactive are perhaps more well known for the Hitman series of games, and perhaps lesser known for the rather underrated Freedom Fighters, which appeared on multiple systems. IO Interactive weren’t able to produce a true sequel to Freedom Fighters due to legal issues (a change of publisher) but in