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Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City review

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City or REORC, takes a successful franchise and changes up the gameplay to suit a more action slanted audience. All the elements from the franchise remain intact such as familiar faces from the Resident Evil series, the trademark zombies and a few surprises thrown in for

Kinect Rush A Disney Pixar Adventure review

Asobo Studios are back with another game and one that is aimed at 7 year olds and upwards featuring the Xbox 360’s Kinect device. This one is themed around some of the colourful Disney Pixar movies which includes The Incredibles, Cars, Ratatouille, Up and Toy Story. The game offers a

Mass Effect 3 review

Mass Effect 3 ends what is Bioware’s massive and sprawling space adventure, that perhaps can be viewed as the gaming equivalent of Star Wars. Having started out as an Xbox exclusive, it has made the transition so that all gamers can get a slice of the intergalactic action. Telling the

Blades of Time review

Blades of Time tells the tale of treasure hunter Ayumi as she seeks treasures in a mystical realm called Dragonland. The game has been developed by Gaijin Entertainment, and if Ayumi with her golden pigtails and red bands looks familiar, then you’d be right as she was also the star

Binary Domain review

With a full English copy of SEGA’s Binary Domain now in our hands, it’s been an interesting ride through the game’s wild and fantastical science fiction themed story. Binary Domain is set in a Neo Tokyo of the future, filled with robots passing as humans, a squad of troops tasked

The Darkness II review

Based on the best-selling comic ‘The Darkness’ created by Top Cow Starbreeze Studios’ first effort has seem a sequel developed by Unreal and Pariah developer Digital Extremes. The Darkness tells the tale of fearless Mafia hitman Jackie Estacado who becomes host to the terrifying entity that is the Darkness which