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Pose your questions to Gears of Wars Baird tonight

Get ready for Gears of War Live chat with the Gears of War Judgment hero Lt. Baird as he (his voice actor) will be answering fan questions tonight. For those in the UK, you can find more details over at: Here are the times when you can catch the

Payday 2 trailer

505 Games released a new teaser trailer for its next Payday game entitled Payday 2. The original game was a solid but rather challenging heist based game where players teamed up to take on waves of opposing cops and SWAT team members. Hopefully this new game addresses some of the

OUYA coming in at $99

The Kickstarter backed OUYA is coming to market at just under $100 later this year in June and is ready to take over the living room with its try before you buy system. Gamers can pre-order the device already from major outlets such as Amazon, and its founder is hoping