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Hitman, Sleeping Dogs, Deus Ex for a fiver

Square are currently running a one week only sale for digital PC downloads where gamers can snag some pretty cool deals for just £5. The current deal has up to 75% off some games. Gamers can snag, Hitman Absolution, Sleeping Dogs and Deus Ex Human Revolution for just £5 each.

PC gamers now get Steam early access

PC gamers from today will be able to purchase games from Steam that are still in development with the aim of offering constructive feedback to the developers with the Steam early access program. “Steam Early Access titles allow the community to get involved early and play select titles during their

Battlefield 4 official website now live

EA/DICE has unleashed the official Battlefield 4 website which offers a hint at what’s to come on the 27th of March where it is expected some sort of trailer will feature.  Head on over there now and sign up for the newsletter and add it to your favourites as something

Xbox next always online rumors get out of hand

The rumor mill is in full swing today as VGleaks released some fresh details from the supposed Durango SDK which confirms some of the older suggestions but also highlights Microsoft’s plan to have their next Xbox as always powered in various states and always connected online. Many people reading this