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Prototype 2 review

Prototype 2 sees a return to New York but a new protagonist fighting the supposed good fight against the scientists, experimental weapons manufacturers and the overarching plaguing viral outbreak which has left the once bustling metropolis in a right old state. This time you play as disgruntled anti hero who

Devil May Cry HD Collection review

Devil May Cry HD Collection is the first collection from one of Capcom’s legendary franchises but the second HD remastered games. The first being Resident Evil 4 which made a pretty decent transition to current gen systems and holds up very well. Devil May Cry games on the other hand,

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 review

I have to say right off the bat, or should that be club that I’m not a fan of golf, the sport or video games – although if I recall correctly I do remember playing a golf game that had strippers and other wacky characters (Outlaw golf) and enjoyed that

Ridge Racer Unbounded review

Namco’s Ridge Racer series has had a long run since appearing in the arcades over ten years ago, but since its many iterations on consoles, the series has not changed the basic drift formula very much. Where once, and maybe twice mastery of the drift controls were a must, later

Kinect Star Wars review

Fans of Star Wars can rejoice as someone in a galaxy far far away thought of the idea of fusing Kinect’s hands free gaming with LucasArts’ beloved franchise. Star Wars has always been a bit of a camp fest and not really meant to be taken too seriously what with

Sine Mora review

Sine Mora is a old school style side scrolling shoot em up or shmup Co-developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and Digital Reality published by Microsoft Studios for the Xbox Live Arcade. The game presents a diesel-punk setting where you get to pilot aircraft through a number of colourful stages, shooting everything