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Test Drive Unlimited 2 review

The original Test Drive Unlimited was a breath of fresh air, offering its own take on the racing driving genre. With its open world flavour and jump in and out multiplayer despite some niggling issues was a very good game but simply falling short against games like PGR 4 and

Crysis review

Under the wings of German based Crytek, Crysis released on the PC in November 2007 and was heralded as one of the most testing games for PC graphics capabilities becoming a benchmark test in the process. With lots of graphical might behind Crytek’s very own Cryengine 2 game engine, what

Homefront review

After real world events which sees a North Korean submarine sinking a South Korean ship killing some 40 odd sailors it sparks distaste towards a country which seems to have it’s own way of doing things. The US condemns its actions and sanctions are issued towards a country that not

Deca Sports Freedom review

With three sports titles available around the launch of Microsoft’s controller free device can Hudson’s Deca Sports Freedom offer something different compared to its rivals? With Rare’s highly polished and most popular offering being the pinnacle of sporting games thus far, Deca Sports presents some different events to make it

Street Fighter X Tekken review

Street Fighter X Tekken is a perfect excuse to pit two famous fighting franchises together and see what the end result is. In this case, Capcom took the reigns and introduced Tekken characters into its popular Street Fighter game engine. The results are actually better than expected, as there was

Sniper Ghost Warrior review

Sniping has always been a major feature of first person shooters, although never really taking the spotlight other than games such as the classic Sniper Elite on Xbox. Well now courtesy of City Interactive they have brought Sniper Ghost Warrior to the helm, a first person shooter which puts you

Air Conflicts Secret Wars review

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars tells the tale of fictitious smuggler and opportunist Dorothy Derbec (DeeDee) as she flies her way through various depictions of real missions of World War II in Europe. Her goal is to find answers about her father Guillaume Derbec who was a flying ace during the