Oculus Quest 2 Now On Sale

People looking to get into Facebook’s latest wire-free VR offering in the Oculus Quest 2, can now order from their website. However, the expected shipping/delivery is November 4th 2020. There are two versions, a 64Gb and 256 Gb version for £299 and £399 respectively. The Quest 2 also has a number of optional add-ons which improve the experience, such as a comfortable headstrap with extended battery, a link cable for connecting to PC to play PC based VR games and experiences. Once theses extras are added (if needed) then the price bumps up over £100. Still, for what’s on offer here and compared to its predecessor, it’s a great bargain. The only caveat which seems to be polarising opinion, is the need for a Facebook account.

Written by: News Bot

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