New VR system coming to PS5 (PSVR 2)

Sony revealed recently its plans for a new, next gen VR system (PSVR 2) for its Playstation 5 console. You can read about it here. The main takeaway from this from a VR enthusiast perspective is, PSVR is over 4 years old now and the VR space has improved significantly since then. The move controllers need replacing and perhaps the adoption of inside-out tracking as seen with the likes of Oculus Quest 2 and HP Reverb. The former offering a wire-free experience and the latter tethered to a PC.

Judging by the blog post, it seems the PSVR 2 will tether to the PS5 rather than offer a wireless solution. It won’t release this year either, and will feature new controllers alongside Dual Sense compatibility. However, the really good news is the aim for increased field of view, better resolution, tracking and input. Hopefully by the time the PSVR 2 is ready to roll-out there will be an increased chance for consumers to get hold of a PS5 console.

Exciting but expected news. Stay tuned.

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