Mosaique Neko Waifus 2 Gameplay & Preview

We take a look at the rather cool puzzle cum visual novel game Mosaique Neko Waifus 2 on PC. The game has you rotating tiles to complete various animated images of some furrie looking young ladies. It serves as a pleasant distraction to test the grey matter. As you progress the puzzles get more complex with the player needing to flip mirror images and rotate entire sections to line-up. It’s a relaxing game with a cool soundtrack, yet under the surface as a separate free DLC comes some adult content where the conversations, attire and poses take a more racy turn. Take a look at our Mosaique Neko Waifus 2 Gameplay & Preview videos to get an idea of what to expect from the base safe for work game. If you want to check out the game further then head on over to steam and purchase for £1.69.

Written by: Robert Cram

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