More Details About The Last Night – Similar to Shenmue Says Developer

Gamers might remember the pixel-art cyberpunk style game The Last Night showcased at E3 2017 during Microsoft’s press conference and then a no show this year. We recently posted a remixed video featuring some more footage – not seen in the trailer at least but used as a backdrop during an interview session with PC Gamer – as provided by Tim Soret, one of the talented people working on the game as part of Odd Tales Ltd. Well Tim has recently posted some more comments about the game aside from his original remarks to us which suggested the pre-alpha footage was running in real time, but not fully representative of the gameplay which will also include dialogues, infiltration & action on top of the exploration we see in the footage. You can read below Tim’s full quote which he posted on Reddit.

The game’s structure will be similar to Shenmue. A small, dense open world, that follows a narrative, but lets you immerse yourself in the world around you.

Apart from the mood & attention to details, the gamejam isn’t representative at all of what we’re doing now. Expect way less violence, way more roleplay, and a deeper, more mature experience – both in narrative, gameplay and visuals.

The basic shooting in the gamejam was the only gameplay we had time to implement, and it was a very naive / poor implementation. There was no bullet, no spread, no recoil, no cover, no AI, no destruction. The real game is going super deep on that front. Gunfights are only going to happen a few times, but we want these occurrences to give a very strong lasting impression.

The Last Night isn’t an horizontal/vertical 2D slice like an Oddworld or a Flashback, where you have to navigate between platforms by jumping, grabbing ledges, etc. That’s not suitable for simulating the experience of living in a city. So don’t expect a jump button. But there will be some contextual platforming gameplay, in some scenes only. I just don’t want you to jump everywhere in the street.

The Last Night has certainly peaked a lot of peoples interest although Tim has said the team are working hard on the game, we suspect it will release at some point next year rather than this year although we could be wrong. There is also the issue of the Microsoft timed-exclusive with the game coming to Xbox One first and then PC. We’re not ruling out a PS4 or Switch version at a later date then.

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