Microsoft reveals its AR based HoloLens (video)

During the Microsoft Windows 10 briefing today, the company revealed its HoloLens which will work in tandem with the forthcoming Windows 10 OS as well as Xbox One. Unlike normal VR units being heralded by Oculus, the HoloLens head mounted display allows users to experience Augmented Reality (AR) which combines the real world with image/graphic and motion picture overlays. The device will also feature its own CPU GPU and another processor being described as a Holographic processor. What’s more, Microsoft has stated the cost of the device will remain competitive with the consumer in mind. Take a look at the official video which explains it best. As a side note, there’s a section in the video around the 18 second mark which features Tsudo Kunoda (without his trademark glasses) who is well known in the development of the Kinect devices. Naturally motion control will be a significant part of the HoloLens so it’s understandable why he’s involved.

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    • Bilal Prince- Ali January 21, 2015 |

      two complete different markets, and more important, its about the catalogue and adoption rate, which Sony technically has the advantage on. HOWEVER! im sincerely hoping this works as its being marketed because lets not forget how “Project Natal” was first shown off and all the promo videos showing POTENTIAL future integration which we all know never saw the light of day.

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