Microsoft responds to early Xbox One adopters regarding Price cut

In an interview with totalxbox, Microsoft’s Xbox UK marketing director Harvey Eagle speaks out about the recent price drop and addresses the concerns of angry early adopters of the Xbox One. To recap, only a few months ago gamers were paying £429 for an Xbox One in the UK and when stock levels were low could have paid way more than that.  3 months in and Microsoft announces an excellent deal which includes a Titanfall themed Xbox One games console, complete with the game and a 30 day Xbox Live Gold subscription to get things started.  What perhaps rubbed salt into the wound is the fact that the Titanfall console has had its price slashed to just £399 in the UK only.  Price cuts are expected in this industry, but so soon after launch is perhaps a bitter pill to swallow for some, especially those who have purchased the Xbox One more recently. Here’s what Harvey Eagle had to say in response to the question:

What would you say to early adopters who are angry about paying more?

We’re hugely appreciative of people that have supported us since launch. What I would say is that mainly the consoles that were bought in the run-up to launch did come with a game included, and this offer is timed to celebrate the launch of Titanfall. Unfortunately we can’t offer a retroactive refund to people, but we thank them very much and we’re hugely appreciative of them being on board since the beginning.


EDIT 14/05/2014 – Regarding the Kinect less Xbox One console and a possible rebate for early adopters.

Speaking to Eurogamer, a Microsoft spokesperson commented when asked about a possible rebate for early Xbox One adopters:

“No. As with many first generation products, the offerings can be expected to change and evolve over time. Kinect remains an integral part of our vision. Xbox One is better with Kinect, making games, TV and entertainment come alive with premium experiences.”


Perhaps gamers aren’t seeking a refund, but instead some respect in regards to supporting the brand considering most day one consoles will have been snapped up by the Xbox faithful. With Microsoft’s resources, they could easily offer a free digital game much like they did with offering Killer Instinct with all its characters unlocked for those who have supported Xbox over the last 10 years. Either way, the ball is in Microsoft’s court to make some sort of token gesture which would be viewed as great PR considering how badly the company has been perceived in many instances leading up to this point. Will they play ball? Only time will tell.


Written by: Rob Cram

Rob Cram has hundreds of video game reviews, thousands of articles under his belt with years of experience in gaming and tech. He aims to remain fair and free from publisher/developer influence. With his extensive knowledge, feels his gaming opinions are valid and worth sharing. Agreement with his views are entirely optional. He might have a bias towards cyberpunk.

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  1. choujij February 26, 2014 |

    So they get a “thanks for supporting us”. lol Even Nintendo gave out 3 games when they cut the price early of the 3DS.

      • choujij February 26, 2014 |

        You’re absolutely correct. Nintendo went above and beyond for its gamers.

        • Daniel February 26, 2014 |

          Did you see the games that they gave out. Very few were actually “good”.

          • Anon February 26, 2014 |

            Did you not see them? They gave out quite a few really good games.

    • Steph February 26, 2014 |

      Typical troll crying when u don’t even own the console, threatened as always so u result to trolling, keep it up lad, too cute

      • cozomel February 26, 2014 |

        Steph=Typical fanboy troll defending MS tooth and nail. Pathetic! just like your system of choice

          • Gekko36 February 27, 2014 |

            Nothing wrong with pre-op transsexuals.

            An whats gay got to do with it. You’re talking about two separate identities.

            Put your brain into gear before you open your homophobic mouth.

            OT: MS have been fair with customers with the Original Xbox and it’s early price drop, I’m sure something will be done.


          • Jan Compaf February 27, 2014 |

            so you like cock , we get it ,now go suck a dick you faggot

          • Gekko36 February 27, 2014 |

            Wow, a homophobe in 2014, you lot are a dying breed.

            I assume you’re christian judging by your comments.

            It’s true what they say, that religion and poor education produces the most spectacular fuckwitt’s

          • Jan Compaf February 28, 2014 |

            you are always wrong , that proves your “life” is a failure , now go defend XBOX and FAGS

          • Gekko36 February 28, 2014 |

            Fantastic uneducated response!

            “You smell, because you do” or “You’re a prick, cos you are!”… Childish arguments!

            My life is great, I make a lot of money and have been in a gay relationship for 8 years with 2 happy children. I’m happy, intelligent an Xbox supporter, champion of gay rights and teach my children respect, honesty and above all… tolerance of others.

            It’s a pity your parents weren’t able to instil those virtues in you!

          • Jan Compaf February 28, 2014 |

            so you admit you were wrong and you love cock , good now move along and go suck a dick

      • RoadShow February 27, 2014 |

        The first comment I read from you called someone a troll just for saying “typical MS” which is true.

        So who is the troll? You literally would have to be blind to not see how xbox costs the most and gives the least and how they raked in billions of dollars and then didn’t even deliver on 360.

        • Gekko36 February 27, 2014 |

          Costs the most?.. yes
          Gives the least?… now that depends on what you are looking for.

          • RoadShow February 27, 2014 |

            Considering the price
            Hardware performance
            Fact many of its exclusives are on PC
            Almost no free exclusive content
            paywall all basic features
            360 almost no exclusives HALF it’s life

            Yeah it gives less than any other platform

          • Gekko36 February 28, 2014 |

            But for me, It gives me what I want and access to features and games not offered by PS4.

            So despite you list, for me it makes no difference and the same can be said for many others.

          • RoadShow February 28, 2014 |

            Xbox 360 has had almost no exclusives for half it’s life. The last 4 years in a row. Despite them raking in 2.75 BILLION per year off Xbox live PLUS revenue from ads on home page.

            So when you say xbox has the games and features you want I don’t believe you.

            Also so many xbox games on PC with free online play.

            The only feature xbox has that PS4 doesn’t is cable pass through. Pretty stupid IMHO.

            PS4 has exclusive features too. My favorite being friend spectate/take over mode.

            PS4 also has more video capture time. Faster boot up, install and load times in addition to better running hardware and cheaper price tag.

            With PS+ giving huge free games it’s an easy win for most.

            But if you know all this and still want to go to xbox then I’m happy for you. Enjoy man.

    • cozomel February 26, 2014 |

      And Nintendo is the cheapest of the bunch. So MS, you got some splaining to do (said in a Ricky Ricardo voice)

  2. bleedsoe9mm February 26, 2014 |

    10-20% discount on titanfall digital for day1 owners would be a nice gesture by microsoft , and since games often launch with discounts on steam probably wouldn’t be a big financial hit for them

  3. bigshynepo February 26, 2014 |

    “the consoles that were bought in the run-up to launch did come with a game included”
    WRONG WRONG WRONG HARVEY — Day One bundles came with DLC and that’s it.

    Who here got a free game with their Xbox One at launch?

      • bigshynepo February 26, 2014 |

        Oh right, he’s only referencing Euro. I gotcha.
        Still, if MS had told people they were launching this console in March with Titanfall, they would’ve sold FAR LESS consoles in November. Sneaky sneaky… I still agree that, like Nintendo, MS should do something for Euro gamers.

          • bigshynepo February 26, 2014 |

            Infamous only has 70% of the pre-orders that Titanfall does, making Titanfall the arguably bigger ‘system seller’. The only word I have heard out of Xbox owners mouths for 3 months is “Titanfall”, people would’ve waited to buy the console if they knew they were getting the biggest game of the season for free.

            Or were you implying that Sony is hard-packing Infamous into bundles for $399, which I haven’t seen yet? If they were, I’d be miffed.

          • Guest February 26, 2014 |

            No the thing here is Sony’s system is selling so well that the the ISS bundle’s price had to go up to $570. So that is what you’re going to see.

          • bigshynepo February 26, 2014 |

            You’re referring to the gamestop bundle which is created by the retailer and consists of multiple SKUs. This discussion is about a Bundle, like the Titanfall Bundle, with the game included in the box. An Infamous PS4 bundle has been teased but not announced in North America and is expected to retail for $449 if it comes out at all.

          • cozomel February 26, 2014 |

            infamous has never been claimed as a system seller. And lets wait to see what the preorder numbers look like a week from now, i bet you they will look real close to what Titanfalls do now (around 300k). And Titanfall is way overhyped by MS/Respawn, the media and the fanboys, infamous isnt. Even though Infamous looks like the way better game in my opinion. There is nothing special about Titanfall except for the unwarranted hype.

      • Billy The Kid February 26, 2014 |

        Only got FIFA if you pre-ordered….. if you bought the console on Day 3 you got nothing but the console and a 2 day Gold trial!

        It wouldn’t be so bad but they are price-cutting a console that still doesn’t have half its feature list activated yet!

      • cozomel February 26, 2014 |

        Typical insecure ms fanboy <3 and seriously butthurt, dont cry little guy

      • Jeff Pee February 26, 2014 |

        Hey Steph, I see you replying to all these Fanboy comments… Zohak Diaz just made a fanboy comment. Are you gonna call him out on it? Here’s your chance to show us you’re truly platform agnostic!

        • cozomel February 26, 2014 |

          “Its” (Steph) not though, it just hates what it perceives as Sony fanboys

      • RoadShow February 27, 2014 |

        Insecure!? I just have to LMAO at ignorant “insecure” xbot trolls. Don’t try to put off your bad decisions on everyone else. In fact you may want to just stop reading the news now because it may make you feel worse.

        (1) M$ raked in 2.75 BILLION per year on xbox live each and every year.
        (2) 360 and X1 are the only platforms “designed” around ads on your home page. More revenue.
        (3) Almost no exclusives on 360 the last 4 years in a row. HALF ITS LIFE little darlin. (you know with it half dead it’s other half. 55% failures for 5 years).
        (4) Sony kept pumping out AAA exclusives all gen. DESPITE free online play DESPITE giving free exclusive content DESPITE giving huge free games via PS+ (xbox 360 only had pay to play timed DLC. DLC paying xbox live members still had to pay for and DLC everyone will have). X1 finally gets free exclusive content but just like games with gold it pales in comparison to PS4. X1 = Fifa 14 & Metal Gear. PS4 = Destiny, Watchdogs, Assassins Creed and Metal Gear.
        (5) Face it. Anyone going to X1 bought a $500 POS that you must rent features on. Without xbox live you can only play single player games and watch disk based movies. (A) NO internet browser (B) No streaming services or any of what M$ calls “premium apps” (C) NO video capture/upload (D) NO skype (E) No cross game chat (F) NO free to play online games (G) NOT even One guide.

        ha! $300 every 5 years to rent features. Bravo!
        (6) Most xbox exclusives aren’t even exclusive. A gamer gets far more out of a PC/PS4 set up than X1/PC set up. Pretty much all games ever made to those on PC/PS4. IMHO a person would have to be blind and or ignorant to go to xbox.

        The fact is no one going to xbox takes into account anything. My god just look at all things that people love about gaming (A) Exclusives (B) Exclusive content (C) Entertainment (D) Value (E) hardware and hardware quality (F) Price of hardware and accessories (G) features.

        Well like I said many xbox exclusives are on PC. X1 has Titanfall and Project spark. IMHO their two best looking titles.

        Xbox exclusive content pales in comparison to PS4’s.

        The only entertainment X1 has that PS4 doesn’t is cable pass through. Something that means nothing to anyone outside the US and nothing to the millions upon millions that have been cutting their cable cord for years now in favor of streaming services.

        X1 is $500 and is underpowered. No value there. Much better off getting a PC if you don’t go to PS4. AND X1 controllers don’t have blue tooth, gyroscope, batteries, light bar, touch pad or speaker yet cost $60 + 25 battery pack making each $85! $75 if bundled but lacking tons of features wii mote and dual shock have for much less

  4. Steph February 26, 2014 |

    People have to realize prices do drop and it’s only in the UK lol stop whining and grow up.

    • vcarvega February 26, 2014 |

      Process aren’t supposed to drop just 3 months after launch! Microsoft is just fumbling left and right with this system launch. From the very beginning they have been willing to scree their loyal fans at every turn! It’s time to join the PlayStation nation… They have at least shown great respect for gamers this time around.

      • Gekko36 February 27, 2014 |

        I think you need a dictionary, or maybe English lessons. Education is important, especially when trying to form an argument.

        As for Sony, I’m sorry but I could never bring myself to buy anything from Sony Corp.

        You mention Sony’s respect for gamers, well I’m sorry but Sony, just like Microsoft and Nintendo are in this for your money, nothing else.

        Marketing is the equivalent of dangling a shiny bauble to entertain the crowds while you steal their wallets. Marketing is the same the world over and Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will steal your money and make you feel like it’s a good thing.

      • cozomel February 26, 2014 |

        “^Stockholm Syndrome”, I know right, it sounds seriously hurt too

    • cozomel February 26, 2014 |

      Yeah prices drop but this soon? I thought according to you xbotx that it was selling so great?

  5. Goodacre February 26, 2014 |

    “thanks for buying our console but we haven’t sold enough so we’re going to reward the ones who buy our console now.”

    why even bother asking for anything? what are they going to give you 20msp or Undertow for 360?

  6. Zohak Diaz February 26, 2014 |

    Buy a car and a computer for $20, just to find out in few months that same computer and car is $10. It the same with electronics, to buy day one means you are cool! No complaints from me here, supporting the xbox brand all the way!

    Greatness await!

    Ohh wait, where did i hear that before? Hmmm i forgot.

    • cozomel February 26, 2014 |

      What the phuck did you just say? Please rewrite all that, but this time in English please. Are you a re-re? And how does it feel to know you got ripped twice? (1st when you paid for an overpriced and underpowered system, and now, when you know you could have waiting just a few months and have gotten it cheaper along with a game)

      • Zohak Diaz February 26, 2014 |

        I have never seen so many indies in my video gaming life, are they trying to compete against google phones?

          • Zohak Diaz February 26, 2014 |

            And i am very happy with flappybird and candy crash on my android phone.

          • Gekko36 February 27, 2014 |

            I don’t know about you, but I think you lost that argument.

            You’re not very good at this are you!

          • Andygee1987 February 27, 2014 |

            I wasn’t arguing actually bitch!

          • Gekko36 February 27, 2014 |

            I think you mean,

            “I wasn’t arguing, bitch!” or “Actually, I wasn’t arguing, bitch”

            You need to work on your grammar and study harder in your English lessons at school.

            My point remains, you were and are argumentative in some of your posts.

          • Andygee1987 February 27, 2014 |

            I don’t need to work on any thing little boy! I ain’t writing a book I’m replying to someone on a website, how about you jog on and keep your nose out you sad little prick? What’s up? Do you have no friends so you feel you after latch on to people online?

            “You were and are argumentative is some of your posts”

            In is spelt IN not IS! Care to join me in school?

          • Gekko36 February 27, 2014 |

            Very funny, calling a 38 year old 6ft 6 Welshman a little boy, that’s very dangerous “talk” on the mountains.

            As for your questions, I saw a little prick being a little prick to other people and thought to myself, “Should I be a pedantic big prick to him”?… So based on your comments I made the right choice.

          • Andygee1987 February 27, 2014 |

            A 6ft 6 sheep shagging mountain bummer hahaha no trouble keyboard warrior! Don’t want no beef hahaha hahaha. You really think your size would intimidate me? If your 38 i think you need to grow up a little you sad fuck!

          • Gekko36 February 27, 2014 |

            All this talk, are you asking me out on a date?… It seems like your flirting!.

            I’ve heard that with English men the difference between a straight man and a gay man, is about two pints and that most Englishmen can’t tell arse from quim.

            As for the sheep, we take them to the edge of a cliff, so that they can push back better. 😀

          • Andygee1987 February 27, 2014 |

            If you wanna go on a date I’m game my big Welsh gentle giant!

          • Gekko36 February 27, 2014 |

            Why not… I’m a big softie until I get hardie… LOL

          • Billy The Kid February 26, 2014 |

            Yep, you got more games, and yep, you got a marginally better game play experience, but will it still be as appealing in 2 years time when trends and technology evolve and the PS4 is known as solely a games machine, while Xbox One is running games (by then with 1080p support), your TV network, social media life and more, because it wasn’t just designed for gamers, but for the entire family and the living room!
            Playstation 4 might be the Ferrari of the games console world, but the Xbox One is the Land Rover…. goes everywhere, does everything and doesn’t make you feel sick inside when you hear the screeching metal when you hit a small speed bump in the road!

          • Andygee1987 February 26, 2014 |

            Lmao so deluded! I have plenty games because I own both PS4/X1 I ain’t no fan boy I just know from experience which console is better, as for speed bumps lay off the crack kid

          • Billy The Kid February 26, 2014 |

            Judging by your 1987 username may be your year of birth, I think you are the kid and I probably had 6 years of gaming experience on a ZX-81, Atari-800, Atari console and ZX-Spectrum+2 when you were discovering you could go to sleep without a dummy in your mouth!
            I was brought up with PONG as my first game when you probably knew nothing before a Sega Megadrive, and the fact of the matter is that the PS4 does have speed bumps it can’t cope with…. its called a lack of multi-tasking that will be required if Sony want to make the PS4 to be anything other than a games machine. Something that the X1 has built in from the ground up.
            If you ask me the PS4 as a console is a step up, but a massive step down as a business decision by Sony as they are literally throwing away $billion a year revenue down the drain by selling a machine with little functional support for anything other than games!
            Sad realistic fact of the matter is that Microsoft had a price drop because they can afford to as they are making massive profits from all avenues of their revenue system and Sony can’t because they are in a debt-muddled nightmare with only gamers to realistically tap up for cash. End result is that for every $1 Sony get from their gaming division, Microsoft could get $4 from everyone in your family from everything they are intending to offer via the Xbox One, and if there idea of getting cable operators to give away the Xbox One as a cable box, then people will wonder why have purely a games machine that offers very little extra for £350 from Sony, when you can get one relatively free with your cable contract!

            As Sony fanboys say often, the PS4 is built to be a games machine, but in my eyes, its a bit of an over-expensive machine to just play games on and I suspect 2 years from now many other people will agree when they can see that when building the console, the Microsoft team thought long and hard about what they wanted it to do 5 years down the line, and not how to satisfy the gaming needs of a few geek fanboys at launch and muddle through the rest of the way!

            Microsoft may have ballsed up their launch and gave Sony an upperhand, but overall Microsoft has the huge flexibility, cash reserves and talent to turn it around within months and March will be the X1 relaunch that starts to show the world that! Sony however, simply can’t compete long-term as it is right now due to the fact that any price-cut, technical investment or increased financial spending will have to be begged from their banks and debtors first and will slow down or even halt massive progress should X1 start to catch up or take the lead in the coming months or years.

          • Andygee1987 February 26, 2014 |

            I’m not even going to waste my time and read your response your boring kid!

          • Corderius Jayell Climpson February 27, 2014 |

            Great response! he will have nothing to say after this. This is the exact reason why i bought my X1 and omitted the PS4.

          • RoadShow February 27, 2014 |

            Wait so you are going to pay $110/yr just to play online?

            LMAO I love how ignorant people are. You would be much better off putting that $560 into a gaming PC with free online play the PC way and many xbox “exclusives”.

            But no. Go ahead and pour out hard earned money. Probably isn’t yours right? Living with mommy and daddy? You know you would be doing them a favor by not pouring out their hard earned money but what xbox fan has respect for their parents right?

          • Andygee1987 February 27, 2014 |

            I don’t live in my parents basement so I don’t game on a PC!

            What I do with my hard earned money is none of your business, just another jealous butch with nothing better to do then attack people on the Internet!

            Bet your the kind of butch to put his head down when you’re out in public but soon as computer is powered up you Mr hard man 2014, how about live your life instead of judging other people?

          • disqus_TCr2DiTW3m February 27, 2014 |

            lol why would anyone want to game on a pc? i have friends, sorry buddy. plus, what kind of computer did you have when the xbox 360 came out? i guarantee you had to go and buy or build a whole other pc just to keep up with the same console.

          • RoadShow February 27, 2014 |

            LMAO what!? PC is king and obviously you and your friends are just a bunch of stupid sheep that blindly supported xbox and their worthless xbox live “service” that doesn’t actually do anything.

            When 360 came out I had a dual core with 2 gb of ram and a 500mb graphics card.

            Since then I have a quad core with 8gb of ram and a 2gb card.

            Pretty cheap really.

        • Manoj Varughese February 28, 2014 |

          Why not…?! competition matters…they are a hell lot of games looking gorgeous on android that shud make its way to PS4 too.

      • where are all these PS4 games bc they surely didn’t release yet lmfao! must be indies lord knows how you guys pride yourselves on indies smh.

        • Andygee1987 February 27, 2014 |

          There are more games on PS4, plus all games which are on both consoles look a lot better on PS4, I have both consoles so I think I know! I’m not a Sony fan boy nor a xbot! I’m a gaming fan boy so I win

          • disqus_TCr2DiTW3m February 27, 2014 |

            i highly doubt you own both systems, i actually have played both of them quite extensively, and the graphics are nearly identical. good try though buddy. also, try finding a game out for ps4 that looks better than ryse or forza. ill pass on a hand full of indie titles for one solid game.

          • Andygee1987 February 27, 2014 |

            Why is it highly doubtful I own both systems? You obviously need glasses or a bigger TV! Ryse looks great forza is a load of wank! If it wasn’t a launch title that game would of been rated 2/10 with its lack of tracks! Cod looks better on PS4, BF4 looks better, Need for Speed looks better fifa looks the same

    • OC Guy February 27, 2014 |

      Awww you try so hard to be a fan boy and still come out pathetic…sad really.

  7. Lostbytes February 26, 2014 |

    I guess i am a unlucky one (Day one purchaser)…… paid full price and no free game for me!

    “What I would say is that mainly the consoles that were bought in the run-up to launch did come with a game included”

    End Quote
    NOT everyone got a free game!

  8. Manoj Varughese February 26, 2014 |

    Titanfall bundle and so much for the price cut.The 570$ Infamous Bundle has gone top in the Gamestop’s best seller’s list. Apparently PS4 is doing so well, they are increasing the price. Next strategy MS?

    • disqus_TCr2DiTW3m February 27, 2014 |

      thats funny cause titanfall is top seller on my gamestop list. i saw infamous, the game only, down towards the bottom of the list and thats about it. and are you that ignorant that you think they’re raising the price of the ps4 because its selling so good? have you seen whats included in the infamous bundle? obviously they’re going to raise the price with 2 controllers and a yr of ps plus lol. you don’t mention any of that though, only that the price was raised

      • Manoj Varughese February 27, 2014 |

        Well consider it as the current console meme and seriously I wasn’t being ignorant. As of current situation Sony doesn’t need a price cut whereas MS needs one to sell. PS4 was released at the right price. Didn’t force their camera like Kinect down the throats and never had DRM policies that sucked big time. Now gamers who trust in the brand are finding it yet so hard to find one PS4 that a higher price still warrants a purchase. Infamous SS bundle despite its added price can be actually summed up as the bonus. The MS has made the move in a hasty manner and on panic with their TItanfall bundle so that the sales keep up the pace.

  9. Billy The Kid February 26, 2014 |

    Erm….. Mr Xbox man, I paid £425 and received NO GAME with it, only the Xbox console and TWO days worth of Gold. Since then there has ben virtually NO new game releases, most apps and features of the console are still yet to launch in the UK and you are still to release an update to add features and fixes to things that work perfectly well on the X360 and should have been included from launch with the Xbox One considering the high premium paid. If these features are not there, then the high price is therefore unwarranted at the time and literally a rip off if you reduce the price and still yet to add the updates.

    I don’t expect much as an early adopter (I am talking someone who bought the console 5 weeks after launch and not someone that got a launch console which was the only console to receive a free game and were as stated by Microsoft at the time, a limited stock offer) but I do think that either £25 of marketplace credit or at the very least a free budget game (such as Spartan Assault) for those who bought a console and logged in to Xbox Live with it before the price cut announcement would be a nice sweetner…. because remember, it is the early adopters that also buy the games, the hardware and the subscriptions and marketplace credit and they can easily consider refusing to do so if they feel that spending their money on a brand that shows no consumer loyalty is not only a betrayal but also a risky venture for a consumer. At the end of the day, if it wasn’t for the early adopters, Xbox personnel would have to be explaining away a 5:1 PS4 sales lead rather than the 2:1 it is currently!

    Don’t burn the hands that feed you….. they can easily feed someone else in future, just ask Blackberry!

  10. Manoj Varughese February 26, 2014 |

    “Unfortunately we can’t offer a retroactive refund to people”…there goes the middle finger and ‘Deal with it.’

  11. MS didn’t really have to do anything, early adopters bought the console because they wanted to get into the fun right away, and they have been enjoying their console ever since. The console getting a discount doesn’t take away from their experience at all.

    Like games, consoles have price drops, we know it, early adopters know it, the seagulls crapping on my roof know it. This is only a problem for self-entitled, whiny brats who like to feel offended by things that don’t really affect them.

    • f#ck you a$$hat, ms and its weakminded pig people who manage it ripped me off, quit using buzz words moron; you do not have a grasp on reality, shitbrain

  12. Head Blackman February 26, 2014 |

    im an early x1 adopter and im ok with it. all i need from microsoft is to keep pumping out the killer titles and to keep improving on the system and xbox live and we can call it even

  13. TheRedButterfly February 27, 2014 |

    Early US X1 adopter here! You don’t see me complaining that my console didn’t include Forza or FIFA… Would I have liked a bundled game? Yeah, but as an early adopter you kinda signed yourself up for this. Price cuts were always going to happen. A year from now, we’ll be sitting pretty with a console we payed $500 for when others pick it up for [insert new price point here].

  14. Winston February 27, 2014 |

    yeah it sucks us gamers that bought the x1 early and got crap, but i would be happy with either 1 month of free live gold for 1 month or xbox music free….i bought my xbox 360 @499.99 with no games so i dont really care, on the bright side atleast they offered a free hdmi cable and wifi with the console

  15. RoadShow February 27, 2014 |

    Feel sorry for anyone stupid enough to go to Xbox never the less those that paid above retail. Lmao ps4 still sells above retail today

  16. Virdin Barzey February 27, 2014 |

    Gotta say. MS must have the worst PR people in the world. These folks are just down right stupid. There is no way around it. I will eventually get an XB1 but I refused to pay the 499 price because the “value” argument is as stupid as Sony’s prior “futureproofing” argument.

    Hey MS, if someone ask you a question about early adopters, you may want to endear your fans by saying “we are looking for other ways to show them our appreciation as we try to keep existing hardware moving.”

    Whether you are looking or not isn’t the point. You can’t tell the early adopters you came up short because you supported us first.

  17. CovertRain February 27, 2014 |

    At the very least, why can’t they offer up equal value in Microsoft points to early adopters. Seems like the right thing to do.

  18. Xbots bought an overpriced console with low demand on day one. What did they think was gonna happen?

    Thanks for being good little sh*t eaters, sorry, beta testers, sorry, early adopters.

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