MGS 5 Ground Zeroes – forget speed runs this is the best way to play

Here’s a novel idea for the many players using the win ‘Reflex’ option in the recently released Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes, who then go on to complain about the game being too easy or short. We’ve invested plenty of hours into the game and are still having a blast messing with the sandbox environment. In this latest video we’ve upped the anti a bit and removed the threat indicators as well as placing the game on the rather challenging Hard difficulty which makes the AI guards a lot more responsive to movement and sound. We also switched off the somewhat cheating reflex slow motion feature and relied on not being discovered through careful sneaking and a handy use of tranquilizer darts. To round things off we rescued all prisoners. Take a look at our MGS 5 Ground Zeroes Classic Gameplay video for the full picture. This is perhaps the real way to play the game in an old school manner.

Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes Prisoner Rescue - Pure Stealth (HARD)

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