Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain Update 1.7 GB on Xbox One

Gamers looking to get involved with today’s Metal Gear Online free add-on for Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain can now prepare themselves as the update is rolling out in stages on console. According to the message on Xbox One the update is just over 1.7 GB in size and should be available when booting up the game – if not, then be patient as it’s coming. It has also been reported that the PS4 version of the update is just under 1 GB in size so it will be interesting to know why there’s such a difference. We already reported earlier that the update has suggested it will add more FOB online content as well so we’re keen to see what’s entailed although Konami has mentioned all new FOB Insurance which is a paid service to protect your FOBs from loss of resources and staff.

metal gear solid V update

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