Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes massive differences between versions

Whilst Youtube might not be the best platform to highlight differences between last and next gen versions of games, the following video does a mighty fine job of showcasing the finer details in a fairly static scenario rather than running a full motion scene. You can clearly see there is a visual difference between the rather lacking last gen version and the next gen systems. There are noticeable omissions in the textures for example, and the lighting makes the game appear duller. The differences between the Xbox One and PS4 version is a bit more subtle but is there all the same with the PS4 showcasing a slightly sharper image.  Anyhow, after looking at Big Boss in motion, it’s clear to see which version is superior, and if you’re still hanging on to a last gen Xbox 360 or PS3, this exemplifies the fact that you’re missing out on quite a lot in the graphics department.

Written by: Rob Cram

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