Marvel Heroes costumes up to $20 each upsets gamers

Marvel Heroes the free to play game launched earlier this week much to the delight of fans, and whilst the game is in fact quality for a free game, there’s a distinct sting in the tails when it comes to purchasing the in game content. For many, the pricing is simply too high and a complete turn off considering the cost of a retail game in comparison. Gamers can choose their default character from a roster of a few characters, but those looking for the more popular Marvel characters will have to either fork out some cash, or spend hours in game hoping a character becomes unlocked at random – that said, we did unlock DareDevil within our first hour of play quite luckily in fact when others have been playing for over 15 hours to net no unlocks at all.

The character roster:

Now you might be thinking, well what’s all the fuss about, and why would gamers be up in arms over this especially as they have the main game for free. Well, take a look at the prices. Characters range from 600 to 2000 in game credits – if you look at Deadpool for example, he’s 2000 credits.


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To put things into perspective, here’s how the in game credits work and how much they cost. As you can see in the image it will cost gamers $19.99 to buy 2100 credits. That’s fair enough considering it’s a reasonable price to pay for the entire game itself. However, should you wish to buy more than one character, then the experience will start to become rather costly. We’ll do the maths; so if you were to buy all the characters it would cost 22000 credits which can be purchased for $200. That’s quite the expense.

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It doesn’t end there, because let’s say you want to purchase some new threads for your hero, to make them stand out from the crowd, then expect to pay up to 2000 credits ($20) per costume. Some cost less than this, but remember, it’s for one costume only. You can see why gamers will feel upset over this and hopefully in the future there will be some sort of special deals or sales. In the meantime, players do have the option of simply playing for days and weeks in the hope they get lucky with the item drops.

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Written by: Rob Cram

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