Lonn – Announcement Trailer & Physics/Combat Gameplay

Australian based SixthSense Studios recently announced their cyberpunk themed VR adventure game Lonn (coming 2020). Take a look at the announcement trailer as well as some gameplay showing-off the physics and combat. You can also find more info on the official Lonn website.

Lonn is an action-adventure story based VR game set in a dystopian cyberpunk city. You take the role of Lonn, once an S-rank bounty hunter who escaped that life and is conflicted about the city he once tried to improve. Lonn is forced into action after confronting Megalo, head of the Wux-N corporation. Lonn is contacted by Luna, a hacker going against Wux-N. Luna reveals the new Wux-N technology, mind transfer. The ability to take, modify and transfer consciousness from one person into another being or cyborg. Megalo wants to create his vision of humanity’s future, a perfect world full of cyborgs who have modified minds/consciousness. Work with Luna through a story driven single player campaign. Explore, fight and solve puzzles in a physics based world. Overcome your conflict and fight back!

Our goal with Lonn is to create an immersive virtual reality experience with full body presence, physics based interactions, puzzles, exploration, combat and environmental story telling. We hope you enjoyed this look at our work in progress build.


Full Body Presence – Experience our gameplay, world and story as Lonn using a physics based IK system. You inhabit Lonn gaining his physical abilities. Grab, Push, Pull, Climb, Jump, and fight.

Physics Based World – The world is designed around physics interactions. Use objects realistically, pick up, throw, push and pull. Use the physical world interactions for combat, puzzles and exploration.

Story Based Experience – Immersive yourself in a story based VR experience. Follow Lonn’s journey as he uses his skill with a blade and experience as a bounty hunter to help Luna and stop the Wux-N corporation.

Immersive Game Environment – Experience a detailed world with atmospheric effects, detailed lighting, reflections and many locations to visit.

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