The Long Dark 60 Minutes gameplay preview – A sad and tragic death

The Long Dark from Hinterland Studios is available now via Steam as an early access title which means it’s lacking in full features at present, but still offers a glimpse into its sandbox mode which has players stranded in the Canadian forests. The aim is to survive by looking for items and putting them to good use, as well as fending off any adversaries. It’s a cool tense game of exploration and management and had us gripped from start to finish thanks to some excellent narration from the character offering an insight into the well-being of the character replacing the usual HUD elements we see in many games. Take a look at our first survival attempt which has some poor decisions ending in tragedy and our second video which explores more of the game’s features and offers narration. For more information about The Long Dark, head on over to the Steam store page.



Written by: Robert Cram

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