The LEGO Movie videogame video review

We take a look at the most recent LEGO video game which arrives on multiple systems in the wake of the blockbuster animated movie. With LEGO games being well received on consoles, how well does this latest game stack up, especially in light of the rather fantastic LEGO Marvel game. Take a look at our The LEGO Movie videogame review for the full picture.

The LEGO Movie videogame review:

Today we’re taking a look at TT Games’ latest LEGO video game which is based on the recently released animated LEGO movie which has been well received at the box office. With LEGO Marvel Super Heroes offering a sprawling action packed adventure, how well does The LEGO Movie videogame stack up considering its cast of largely forgettable characters in comparison to the delights of Spider-Man, The Hulk and Iron Man.

To begin, players are thrust into the story as seen in the movie with video clips lifted and placed in the game to add a bit of direction. Outside of the short but entertaining clips, players assume the role of various characters with the main character being bog standard builder Emmet as he is thrust into a world of disaster and becomes the unwitting hero as he discovers the powerful piece of resistance as told by an ancient prophecy. Naturally, there’s a slew of robotic bad guys to over come, the police, an abundance of team based puzzles to solve and a real assortment of visual flare. The game follows the usual template that players will be familiar with, where a touch of a button allows for switching character on the fly. Each character has their own set of skills to bring to the table, which means for the most part, navigation and success is hinged on using the correct person at the opportune moment.  It’s a tried a trusted formula that works well enough, but there are some moments which are a little vague. Outside of the story missions, players can wander freely around hub locations and interact with other characters which seems to tie ones efforts together, and is a place for purchasing themed characters that have been unlocked.

The game throws all sorts of scenarios to battle through, providing much variety and plenty of options to destroy things and find hidden elements. There’s a fair bit of humor thrown in and with said cut scenes from the movie (which do contain spoilers if you’ve not seen it yet) some laugh out loud moments and enough engagement to keep youngsters well entertained.

Unfortunately, unlike LEGO Marvel, there’s no universal appeal, and although the likes of Batman make a welcome addition to the cast of many characters, the game doesn’t feel as likeable as its predecessor.  There are also a number of grievances where NPC get stuck on the scenery or simply ignore any enemies which seem to focus solely on the player character. These are minor quibbles but can be frustrating.

In terms of looks, the game presents some wonderfully colourful locations that offer great physics effects and opportune moments to climb, jump, shoot and smash through. The game is certainly well polished in this regard and offers a well perfected rendition of plastic men and their world.

Audio is of a high quality with the movie voice cast lending their talents to the game, and with such a wide variety of misfits makes for entertaining listening. There’s some speedy and gripping music to suit each level and as expected, the sound effects do a grand job of recreating that LEGO smashing sound amongst a variety of spot effects.

The LEGO Movie video game offers a fairly long campaign with some 16 levels to play through offering many secrets to uncover, characters to unlock and things to collect, so in total, players can expect to pump many hours in to reach the holy grail of 100 per cent game completion. Players can also replay levels over and over to collect more studs and anything missed, making for a game crammed full of content. The usual drop in and out local two player mode is present once more, and means two players can enjoy working together which is handy.

To conclude, The LEGO Movie is a solid game but simply feels a little disjointed and lacking in distinct character to the extent where the game borders on being a little run of the mill. It’s simply not as good as LEGO Marvel  and seems to fall into the hands of being a movie tie in cash in. Youngsters will enjoy the game, especially if they’ve already seen the movie, but due to the lack of universal appeal means that older gamers might struggle to find much merit in playing.  In this regard, the game is a worthwhile investment for younger gamers and comes recommended, but not so much for anyone else.


Score 7/10 – Review by Robert Cram.


Written by: Rob Cram

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