Kinect Sports Rivals in 32 minutes

Microsoft’s Kinect Sports Rivals offers six events which players can replay over and over versus the AI in story mode, or gamers across the world in a more focused rivals event. There’s not as much running and jumping as the first game in the series, as the events feel a bit more refined. We’ve posted videos of each event to give you a feel for what you can expect from a visual standpoint, as playing the game properly in the flesh can only really be experienced first hand. The events include, Wake Racing, Climbing, Target Shooting, Soccer, Bowling and Tennis and for the most part work very well. We’ve posted the videos individually as well to give you an idea of how long each event takes to complete. Then you can do them over and over again, upping the challenge as you progress. Check it out!

Kinect Sports Rivals Climbing demo

Kinect Sports Rivals Soccer demo

Kinect Sports Rivals Bowling demo

Kinect Sports Rivals Tennis demo


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