Into The Darkness VR – Official Game Overview Part 1

Gameboom VR presents a double barrelled look at their upcoming VR game, Into the Darkness VR. The game is looking like the love-child of DOOM and Boneworks (that’s a good thing by-the-way). Wishlist now on Steam.

Into The Darkness is a VR action-adventure game built on physics mechanics. Near future. Humanity is trying to achieve immortality by transferring consciousness to machines. Transhumanism, however, is a dangerous path, and a poorly conducted experiment can end in a tragedy. As agent Frank, you are sent to one of the research facilities with which contact has been interrupted, and the previous agents never returned. Navigate through environments, solve the puzzle, engage the enemy… to find out the dark secret behind the experiments.


Players can freely interact with objects and the environment the way they want. The game was built exclusively for VR, objects have weight and follow the accurate laws of real-world physics.

Combat System

The combat system is rich and varied, players can use all kinds of objects to fight, including guns, knives or even swords. Thanks to advanced physics system- even the game world is your weapon. Use everyday objects such as computer monitors, keyboards… No ammo? No problem.

Character Bodies

The full-body IK character system will help players get more immersion with the game and the feeling.


Solve puzzles that take full advantage of the potential of VR technology.


Explore environments, solve puzzle, fight and find out what happened in the military corporation CELL Industry

Sandbox mode and even more features – coming soon.

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