Incredible VR Animation Raises the Bar for Adult VR Games

MeshedVR and his work in progress Virt-A-Mate (which you can support via his Patreon here) is showing plenty of potential for VR enthusiasts looking at Adult VR Games as we’ve recently showcased in our overview video. However, the project is designed to cater towards adult themes which we didn’t touch upon in the video thanks to Youtube’s policy on adult content. So, after a little tinkering and two female models we’ve put together a selection of scenes which highlight how well you can create realistic looking exotic moments. We’re no experts when it comes to programming or animations, but the ease of use Virt-A-Mate offers means anyone can record movements and create their own works of art. Take a look at the video and enjoy the variety we’ve come up with using just two girls, a bed and a darkened room. Just to note, we’ve added our own audio for dramatic effect but you can imagine once there are facial expressions and audio within the software itself you’ll be able to make even better sounding moments. The future is very much here for people experimenting with becoming alternate selves in VR and Virt-A-Mate is certainly one piece of software that’s leading the charge.

If you are able to run Virt-A-Mate then you can download the scenes from our video using this link here.

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