Holodexxx Gallery V1.1 3D Scans – Texture Detail, Lighting & Shadows

Adult entertainment developers Holodexxx unleashed their Holodexxx gallery V1.1 to the masses. The demo features telemetry scans of various adult entertainment actresses and is quite impressive. Players can resize, move around and rotate the models. There are two types of models in the demo, the high quality scans which are static and then courtesy of Naughty America full-motion models. However, to be clear, the static models are of a far higher quality than the full motion scans.

The technology is reaching a solid foundation here as showcased in the club scene. But the time and manpower it takes to make just once scene is high given the resources of the small team at Holodexxx. The models and scene exhibits dynamic lighting, high resolution texture details and self-shadowing. As a bonus, the entire demo allows for VR users to sample its delights. We’ve tried this by streaming to the Oculus Quest and it looked great and offered great immersion with 6Dof allowing us to move around the models.

The team at Holodexxx have some great plans for the future, so if you would like to support them via their Patreon page, then feel free to do so. This is ground breaking stuff for adult entertainment in VR and well worth supporting.

Written by: Robert Cram

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