Hitman Schoolgirl Edition (Yandere Sim) – Kidnapping & Panty Shot bonuses Update

A lot has changed since our first video on the Yandere Simulator as Yandere Dev has included some new gameplay features alongside a whole host of fixes and such like to the game we’re billing as Hitman Schoolgirl Edition as it shares a number of similar features to one of our favourite videogame series. Agent 47 is absent here, replaced only with Yandere: a murderous psychotic student hopelessly in love and who will do anything to prevent other girls from getting in the way. The latest build allows players to boost stats by learning various attributes in class, visiting the nurse’s room and gym but more importantly taking panty shots for bonuses and kidnapping fellow students. The game certainly has its dark theme and is coming along nicely from the one man programmer who is tirelessly developing the game. We thing once all the features are in place (and there are a lot) it could be pretty cool. Take a look at our Hitman Schoolgirl Edition video to get the full idea of what to expect from Yandere Simulator then head on over to the official blog to keep updated or try the demo out for yourself.

Written by: Robert Cram

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