Hitman 2016 Gameplay – Agent 47 Is Back

IO Interactive released their Hitman 2016 Beta ahead of the game’s March 11th release. Gamers who pre-order the PS4 digital version will be able to gain access to the Beta as of now whereas PC gamers will have to wait until the 19th. The Beta contains a bit of story and two missions which are replayable allowing you to experiment with different tactics. Take a look at our video which shows off the two missions in action. Aside from a few graphical glitches, the game feels much more akin to the earlier Hitman games where disguises actually work (compared to the rather punishing version in Hitman Absolution). Whilst there’s plenty of options to sneak around in various disguises the way the levels are designed feel realistic and filled with enough hazards to keep you on your toes. We especially like the fact that only key AI will spot Agent 47 when disguised rather than everyone, plus there’s a bit more leeway when there’s suspicion to get away or hide. All in all after several hours messing around with the two missions we’re confident the full game will fare pretty well and most importantly be welcomed by Hitman fans especially those somewhat disappointed with Absolution.

Written by: Rob Cram

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