Hitman 2016 4K Videos

The Hitman Beta has made its presence felt on the PC which means for those of you sporting 4K resolution monitors can benefit from the increased level of detail over the PS4 version. However as we’ve previously posted, the performance is a bit hit and miss using a GTX 980 Ti where on the Yacht level in particular the frame rate dips dramatically due to the high numbers of NPCs (even at 1080p). The second mission at the airbase runs much more smoothly although being honest there’s little difference between running the game at 1440p with a more favourable frame rate. As it stands, the Hitman Beta isn’t the most graphically impressive game we’ve seen running at 4K so perhaps given how the performance takes quite a substantial hit it’s worth scaling back the options to suit. Either way, take a look at the two mission locales in 4K alongside how well they perform, although be aware the Nvidia Shadowplay impacts the performance and also skews the controls a little in the Yacht level.

Written by: Rob Cram

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