History In the Making – The moment Shenmue 3 hit its $2 Million Kickstarter goal in less than 10 Hours

Sony alongside legendary producer Yu Suzuki launched the Shenmue 3 kickstarter campaign last night and already (some 9 hours later) has seen a massive influx of support where its $2 million goal has been easily reached thanks to some 24,000 backers. The game is scheduled for release on PC and PS4 in 2017 which is a long way off and if supported now can be yours as a digital download for as little as $29. The game has been shrouded in talk for a number of years and this is an enlightening revelation that it is actually coming to fruition. Head on over to the campaign page now and help make some gaming history. We also captured the momentous moment when the campaign hit its $2 million goal and perhaps shed a tear when it happened.

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