Hilarious Adult VR Pre-Game Warning Spells It Out For You

Lots of games come with warnings providing information about their enclosed content or if using motion controls making users aware of the space around them so as not to hit any unsuspecting family members or pets. Often we get health warnings before games but none as stark and to the point as the warning before the adult VR game VR Kanojo as you can see in the image below.


Now given the game’s content (ogling the rather young looking Japanese schoolgirl Sakura) the warnings come across a bit well…err…creepy but considering the actual demo is quite tame by today’s standards it brings it home. Obviously the warning is a prelude for more adult things to come in the full game but still, being advised to be mindful of who is around, and leakage from headphones is quite amusing as these are the sort of things that can get you busted by others when you’re sneakily playing naughty games or watching VR Porn isolated from the outside world in VR land. You can view the actual demo in the video below in case you were wondering whether the warnings are justified.

Written by: Robert Cram

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