Halo 4 offers a 7 hour campaign

From our playtime with the game on normal difficulty and without rushing the game, we can confirm that Halo 4 offers a 7 hour campaign or there about for single players. However, don’t despair if you think that’s a tad too short, as the series skulls make a return which can up the stakes, as well as the Legendary difficulty. Whilst playing on normal is a fairly unobtrusive ride through the story, seasoned gamers would do well to start on Heroic difficulty as recommended by 343.

To round things off, solo players can also easily take on the Spartan Ops mode which adds more hours to the overall package for the lone player.Not bad at all, and with things like challenges and more episode being released over time, there’s enough meat in Halo 4 to sink your teeth into. Halo 4 releases on November 6th check out our Halo 4 video review and Spartan Ops videos.

Written by: Rob Cram

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