HackTag Tutorial 2-Player Co-op Stealth Game

Hacktag from Piece of Cake Studios is a stealth and hacker 2 player co-op game which is available via Steam Early Access. One person controls the stealth agent, whilst the other a hacker. There’s two different styles on offer here but it has to be said the stealth agent is the more preferable role. So, there’s perhaps a bit of give and take required before you start the game in online co-op (deciding to take turns in who does what). We tried to play this as a single player game in local split screen with mixed results. Unfortunately, the game isn’t designed for single player no matter how well you can multi task. The opening tutorial does play like a single player game though and it’s a shame this isn’t an option where you can swap roles on the fly. Perhaps with a few gameplay tweaks this could be possible in the future, who knows. As it stands, there’s a solid co-op game here but after a few attempts at a mission online a mic is very much preferable rather than sitting in silence with the other player (so you can co-ordinate moves). It’s in early access at the moment and so there are few people online however the local co-op is a good move where the screen splits. Take a look at the HackTag tutorial video to see the game in action before checking out the Steam Store Page (it’s currently £8.24 with the 25% discount applied). Nice visuals, cool music, good concept and fun to play for sure.

Written by: Rob Cram

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