Gray Fox could be lead character in Metal Gear Solid 5

Some fine chaps have put together a video which does make feasible suggestions that the character we see in the recent trailers for Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain is Frank Jaeger AKA Gray Fox posing as legendary hero Big Boss. There’s lots of compelling coincidences which makes a strong argument for the prediction to be correct in some way. Take a look at the video and see what you think.

Written by: Rob Cram

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  1. Doug maness July 12, 2013 |

    Fox is told to have only one been worthy of being name fox. The only problem is that never is it told what he did to achieve that. Snake talks of learning from him and being friends. Of course in metal gear snakes first mission is to rescue fox. He does so and fox tells him where to find doctor. He is not seen again until metal gear two driving the metal gear D. He has grey hair and red bandanna. He uses a different last name for the figure skating spy. He and snake fight the famous fight ” in land mine field.” after that he is found and revived. Dr. Clark( aka paramedic) turns him into ninja from mgs1. In portable ops. He is shown wielding knives. It is hard to believe that him and liquid don’t run into each other. Is only fair to me that they are now having thier stories told. Only in past pretense are they remembered. They are both counted as followers of big boss. It is surprising that liquid never tells where he was at during outer heaven and zanzibar land. He and snake at both 33 at shadow Moses. Where was he during both instances? He wanted to kill big boss, but with being on his team why did he not do so earlier. He must have been away or hidden thinking maybe after solid was killed he would just kill big boss and take over. Big boss must have seen this beforehand and sent him away. Solid says in mgs1 big boss wanted him to kil him. He see him as like an equal on the battlefield. For big boss to respect him that much means he spent a lot of time with him. Maybe he helps liquid first as a child and gets him to be the soldier he his and get him sent somewhere else. He then meets snake later on after joini g green berets and while training him along with miller maybe. Miller doesn’t act like he knows snake to well during Zanzibar land. He justs gives info on stuff, but doesn’t talk like a mentor or friend. He also has black hair and one big mustache but I do t care about that just comparing him to one we see now. Big boss uses snake the first time like a pawn. Just the way he was used. That should have seemed familiar when he doing this to solid. And he chose the true inferior one ( solid) to take his place. It is never explains what was the difference to liquid and big boss. He actually knew exactly who liquid was and told him. He plays with snake twice and then before he does mention oh I am your father. But he leaves out ” your my clone, and you have two other clone brothers who hate you now and will spend the rest of their lives trying to kill you only have my title big boss.” he had same relationship with solid as he did with the boss. But could he have had that with solidlus and liquid. And how come solidlus is maybe you ger than them but a perfect clone. He looks old. That leads to how come if they could do that at least once with him why isn’t there more clones. And maybe this is the first clone of big boss. Maybe this is soldlous because if he was a perfect copy maybe he was made instead of born and he took big bosses place until he wakes up.

    • Doug maness July 12, 2013 |

      I cant remember but if it mentions in mgs4 there 3 born clones from Eva that might rule solidlus cause I don’t think he born with babys body and big boss face. I still except the idea that he is impersonated. The only weird thing is that he did look old like that when he met raiden. Big boss beard and hair looks grey in ground zeroes. In phantom pain it darker. Fox could also be him. The only next thing to being big boss is pretending to be him. Wouldn’t it be cool at end of mgs5 for big boss to fight himself or kill a clone. I think skull face is zero because he wears same pants and boots from mgs3. I can’t explain the face if it isn’t a mask. It will someone known well in series when played more than likely. also it mentions something to surpass metal gear. This will lead the doctors who invented the germ thing off of metal gear 2. Eva will be meeting big boss in honoy ( I can’t spell it. ) I am not bothered by all the cut short scenes. With graphics like it shows in demo we won’t be able to tell a diffence. It won’t have to go into long scenes explaining what happen or who is because we will there while it happened. This will show how big boss was made out to be bad gut. I still think he did what was right against zero.

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