Gladiators Online Comes to PC Next Month

Dorado Games has today announced that its skill based free to play tactical online multiplayer game Gladiators Online will release on PC in October 2015.

About Gladiators Online:

Gameplay begins at a dynamic online slave auction where players scout warriors to assess their potential and bid against one another. After fighters are acquired, they must train to level up one of four classes based on historically famous gladiators. Players can hire doctors to speed up their recovery, courtesans to boost their morale, along with many other professions to add to their team.

Before battling for gold and glory each gladiator must be equipped with a piece of armor and a weapon. There are more than 600 items for use in battle based on classical designs. Once armed, warriors will be ready to enter one of three amphitheaters modeled after ancient Roman gladiator arenas.

In the fighting pits it is a battle of life and death. Gladiators that perish in combat disappear from players’ ranks, giving the game roguelike elements. Players assume the role of a coach who provides direction to their fighters; commanding them to use more than 60 skills. These skills are broken down into three categories: offensive, passive and tactical abilities.

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