Gamedec – Introducing Harvest Time Dev-Diary

Anshar Studios posted a new Gamedec developer diary video which takes a closer look at one of the VR worlds players explore in the game. To be clear, this isn’t a VR game but players assume the role of a detective (in a cyberpunk themed world) who investigates crimes committed in VR worlds. Harvest Time is a VR MMO where your Gamedec character investigates. It’s a game within a game so to speak. Gamedec releases on PC later this year. You can find more details on Steam.

Explore another virtual world from Gamedec – Harvest Time – one of the virtual worlds available in this story-driven, cyberpunk-themed adaptive RPG. As a virtual detective, you investigate multiplayer games where an abuse of power or the exploitation of players may have occurred. In a farming game like Harvest Time, anything is possible behind the scenes. Check the developer diary to see what’s inside one of the worlds from the Gamedec multiverse. Catch a glimpse of what’s going on behind the curtain of the sole source of entertainment for people of the XXII century.

At first glance, Harvest Time is an idyllic game, perfect for people who want to relax after a long and industrious day. And it is – unless you approach it too seriously, or take advantage of the game’s mechanisms to make money. People react to hierarchies automatically, always trying to improve one’s position – and the game designers exploit this. You start grinding, without always knowing why. And if there’s any chance of earning real money, players will take advantage of it, too.

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