Full list of Resident Evil Revelations 2 Teaser Trailer Easter Eggs

Capcom has released a full list of the Easter eggs found in the Resident Evil Revelations 2 teaser trailer which released last year ahead of the game’s March 13th release. Some were easy to spot, and those with a keener eye would have noticed more than most, however the full list reveals all which means watching the trailer again and again. Head on over to the official page to see the list in its entirety.




Full List with Time reference:


  • 0:12 Door (Resident Evil 1~3 loading screen)
  • 0:25 Rachael in the background (Resident Evil Revelations)
  • 0:30 Natalia running
  • 0:30 Green bracelet
  • 0:30 TerraSave party hall
  • 0:35 TerraSave logo on the back of a staff member
  • 0:44 Picture of the Queen Zenobia (Resident Evil Revelations)
  • 0:45 Herb in the vase (Entire series)
  • 0:45 Umbrella in the background (Entire series)
  • 0:51 Barry speaking with Moira in the background
  • 0:51 Moira speaking with Barry in the background
  • 0:51 Natalia holding her doll, Lottie
  • 0:55 Two clocks representing Claire and Barry’s scenarios
  • 0:57 Tofu in the foreground (Resident Evil 2)
  • 1:02 Paper napkins with Jill’s name (Resident Evil)
  • 1:05 Item box in the background (Entire series)
  • 1:10 Eggs in the foreground (Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 5)
  • 1:32 The background switches to the island detention center
  • 1:32 A drawing by Franz Kafka at the top left of the background
  • 1:32 Afflicted
  • 1:32 Two clocks representing Claire and Barry’s scenarios (again)
  • 1:32 Red bracelet
  • 1:32 Detention center CC camera
  • 1:34 Handprint at the top of the shot (Resident Evil Revelations)
  • 1:35 Sketchbook with “Itchy, Tasty” (Resident Evil)
  • 1:50 Barry searching for Moira
  • 2:00 Afflicted with weapons
  • 2:15 Natalia pointing
  • 2:40 Zombie (Resident Evil)
  • 2:55 Claire attempting to escape
  • 2:55 Moira attempting to escape

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